Why we still need copy in this digital age

UI UX copy for apps

Now that everything is social media, videos, interactive chat bots and apps, you might think that there is no place left in the world for the humble word.

But you’d be wrong!

Every single word you read or hear – whether it’s from a video or a social media post or even the instructions in an app – is copy. It might not be crafted by a copywriter but it’s still copy.

Even Candy Crush has copy. There’s not a lot of it so it has to be really clear!

How many times have you gone to buy something online, for instance, and the instructions were too complicated or you didn’t understand why you needed to give so many details? Instead of making that intended purchase, you closed the site down in frustration.

Or you’ve clicked onto someone’s video on social media and they’ve taken FOREVER to say what they could have said in a minute.

We’ve got short attention spans…get to the point! It’s easier than ever for a customer to just walk away from you and your brand. They don’t even have to look you in the eye and sneak out the door. They can just close the browser and be done with it.

So how do you prevent losing people’s attention?

Know what you want to say and hire a copywriter to help you say it.

Copywriters aren’t just for websites and reports. A copywriter can also help you with:

  • social media posts
  • video scripts
  • radio, TV and podcast ad scripts
  • podcast scripts, outlines and descriptions
  • copy for apps and games (UX and UI)
  • copy for e-commerce and banking sites (anywhere you need to log-in)
  • chat bots
  • public address announcements
  • product descriptions
  • recipes

Even those advertising breaks on those terrible morning TV shows are written by copywriters. If you’re old enough to remember Tim the Demtel man – but wait there’s more! – and his free set of steak knives then you know well and truly about the effectiveness of copy.

I didn’t say it was good.

You can spend your time trying to craft the right words for whatever you want to say. But if you really added it up, you’d be better off investing in a copywriter to get it right and not scare your customers away.

So give away the notion that a copywriter is only about websites and embrace what we can do in the digital age! Every word that is said or read is copy. Make it count!

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