What the heck is a copywriter

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…and why do I need one?

If you’re not sure what a copywriter actually is, I’m here to help. It’s got nothing to do with copyright and trademarking. And it’s not about plagiarism.

What is a copywriter? Well, we’re really just writers.

End of blog. Nah, not really.

The trick is in the word ‘copy.’ What is copy? It’s basically any text that has an informational or marketing purpose. It’s not a novel or a film script.; it’s factual text with a purpose of doing more than just entertaining. For example, a blog or newspaper article, a sales email or a page on a website are examples of copy.

So what kind of copy does a copywriter write?

Well that depends on the copywriter. There are some copywriters who niche into particular industries or particular clients. There are others who only write blogs or only do web copy.

Me? I’m a copywriter for small and medium service-based businesses and not-for-profits, mostly. I particularly love health and humanities because that’s my background. Having said that, I’ve written for construction companies, civil engineers, tech companies, and even a barramundi farm so there’s not much that scares me.

I create content for websites, blogs, social media, annual reports, marketing material, reports, media releases, grants applications, tender responses, editorials and advertorials, speeches, newsletters and pretty much anything else with words that a service-based business or not-for-profit might need. I can even edit and proof what you’ve already done and teach you how to do it even better next time.

All of that involves researching, planning, drafting, editing and polishing content to make sure it reflects your brand and your message and is going to make the Google gods very happy!

I can’t write you the next Harry Potter novel but if you want me to sell your novel, I can write the copy for that.

Why would someone hire a copywriter?

There are a heap of reasons why someone might hire a copywriter.

You don’t have the time

You’re busy running a business. When exactly are you going to sit down and write that new website copy or that email newsletter? How long is it going to take you? Wouldn’t you rather spend your downtime actually relaxing and being present with your friends and family?

You’re not a great writer

Writing is a basic skill that many of us have but in a super crowded online space particularly, great writing can set you apart. It’s not only a matter of word choice and structure but of things that impact how you’re found online.

You want to engage with your audience consistently

The worst thing you can do – other than be absent – is to be inconsistent in your messaging or your frequency. With a copywriter engaged, the work gets done regardless of what is going on or which staff member is on holidays. Your messaging will be much better in one set of hands.

You don’t want to have to learn everything about SEO

You know that SEO is a thing and you vaguely understand it but it’s way below the top 100 things on your priority list. Yet, it’s SO valuable to your business. A good copywriter knows SEO, how to write for SEO, and will keep up with the ever-changing Google landscape.

You want to focus on doing the business

You didn’t become a builder or a hairdresser or a graphic designer to write copy all day. Focus on what you’re good at and what generates your income, rather than the annoying but necessary stuff.

Good copy will pay for itself in time saved and revenue generated.

Is there anything you won’t write about?

I don’t do tobacco, guns or gambling. There are probably other things on that list but I’ll know them when they come over my desk. One of my core values is honesty so I’ll tell you upfront if I can’t help you and will refer you to someone who can.

So there you have it. Now you know what a copywriter actually is.

If you’ve decided you could use a copywriter in your life to help with your business, let’s set up a catch-up over coffee or online over Zoom and have a chat about it.

If I’m not the copywriter for you, that’s cool. I am happy to refer you to someone who better fits with your brand and your project.

Got other questions about what copywriters do? Pop them below!

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