Speechwriting and Scripts

When you can’t find the right words, I can help you get what’s in your heart and your head onto the page.

Speeches, scripts and pitches to put you front and centre in your industry

If it’s time for you to take a leading role in your business or your industry, then quality speechwriting can help you get there.

There’s no better way to reach an audience than by speaking to them. Sharing your story; your highs, your lows, your challenges. It’s a powerful way to share what you know with the people who need to hear it.

But it can be scary sharing your story, especially when it’s new to you.

Let me help you through it.


From idea to delivery - you're in good hands

It doesn’t matter how prepared you are, what matters is that you’re brave enough to have a go. I can help you get ready to blow the socks off your audience and get your story across.


I can help you:

  • write your pitch to secure your speaker’s spot at that conference or event
  • find a unique perspective on the topic or help you link your story to the theme
  • storyboard your speech so that it flows and delivers great bang for your buck
  • do any research you need to bolster your perspective and give your argument credibility
  • write the speech from go to woe reflecting your voice and language
  • edit what you already have or give pointers on how to improve
  • hold a practice session – in person or virtually – to make sure you’re comfortable and confident
  • put together your visual presentation to add emphasis to your key points
  • attend your eventwherever possible – to provide support and record your performance
  • repurpose your speech into other content for your marketing and thought leadership.
Public speaking might not be the most popular thing in the world, but it’s hugely effective if you want to share your message with the people who need to hear it most. 


Come on, be brave! I’m right here with you.

Repurpose your speeches and presentations

Never waste a good speech by only using it once.

When you’ve spent the time and effort to write and deliver a 40-minute keynote, it’d be a shame to never see that content again.

There’s heaps we can do with that content!

  • Turn it into thought leadership articles for LinkedIn, your website or your email list
  • Chop it up into social media posts to generate discussion and share your perspective
  • Condense it into a series of videos for an online course, website welcome series or YouTube channel
  • Make it into a downloadable lead magnet for your website as part of a brand awareness, lead generation or conversion campaign
  • Use it as the basis of a discussion paper, submission or policy document to advocate for change.

The limit is your imagination and your goals as a leader. 


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