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You might think that copywriting is just for websites these days. But there’s still a huge demand for printed documents – capability statements, sponsorship proposals, discussion papers, e-books and even the humble brochure. 

Capability statements for your business

To give your business a more professional presence, a capability statement might be just what you’re looking for. They range from 4 pages right up to 24 and beyond and cover key aspects of your business such as qualifications and licences, services, past projects, local employment and plant and equipment.

A good capability statement is worth its weight in gold and can be used as part of your tender library, an awards submission, on your website or even in emails to prospective clients.

Need it to look good too? I’ve got a great graphic designer and photographer who can package up the whole project.

Brochures, sales letters and email sequences

When it’s time to start proactively marketing your business, you’re going to need something for people to look at. Of course, a website is the easiest marketing tool available but there are still many people who like a printed brochure or a personally addressed sales letter.

Or perhaps email marketing is where you’d like to invest your time? A nurture sequence, post-purchase sequence or even just a regular update could hit the spot. 

If you need help crafting the words, let me know. I can help make your message stand out from all the other marketing.

E-books, articles and lead magnets

If you want to start talking to your current and prospective clients on a deeper level, longer written pieces are a good way to get you noticed. They can be educational, opinion-based, inspirational or even just a more in-depth version of your product or service web page. Maybe you’re looking to generate leads with a lead magnet?

If you and your team don’t have the time to get down into the details, I can help.

Need health and community services-specific content?

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