Bios, profiles and pitches

Let's get you ready to stand out.

If you’re a thought leader, an aspiring leader or just someone who wants to start telling their story, you’ve got to have all your ducks in a row.

And your ducks in this instance, are your speaker bio, your public profiles and your pitch.

While the hard part might feel like doing the speaking gig, the hard part is actually securing the gig. Especially if you’re trying to break into a competitive space. 

Get the gig with a solid pitch and a great bio

You need your story, your expertise and your perspective to stand out in a program full of other leaders and experts. 

Your pitch has to blow the socks off the organising committee for that conference. 

And your bio has to have the audience making a beeline for your session.

Generic documents aren’t going to do it.

So let’s make it happen. I can help you:

  • Develop a targeted pitch – with different options to suit your topic, audience and event
  • Write a speaker’s bio with a shorter summary to suit the publication requirements
  • Ensure your public profiles are consistent and reflect your expertise and topic
  • Edit what you already have to make it punchy and effective.
Once that’s done, and you’ve been accepted, then we can work on your idea and presentation and making the most of that content.

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